Monday, April 13, 2015

LLL USA has partnered with Best for Babes for the 2nd Annual Miracle Milk Stroll!

Join us on Saturday, May 2, 2015 for the 2nd Annual Miracle Milk™ Stroll to raise funds, educate, & raise appreciation for the life-saving power of human milk! LLL USA will receive a portion of the proceeds raised.

We will meet at the 6th Avenue Playground in Balboa Park from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon. At about 10:30 we will walk down to the Balboa Park Bridge, down to the fountain in front of the Science Center and then head back to the park. Bring your own picnic if you'd like. T-shirts are for sale until April 15th and will be delivered to your house.

Registration Link:
We are group La Leche League San Diego (Elise Pinon).
Here's a link to buy shirts until April 15th:
Miracle Milk Stroll t-shirts

Facebook page with more information about La Leche League San Diego's Stroll:
La Leche League San Diego's Stroll on Facebook

Lots of ways to help: Join the Stroll. Make a Donation. Donate Milk to your local milk bank. Do one or all three! There are lots of ways to help!

Human Milk Saves Lives 500 U.S. & Canadian preemie infants die annually, and 5000 more are sickened, from Necrotizing Enterocolitis (NEC). Feeding these fragile babies human milk has been shown to reduce the risk of NEC by 79%. NEC causes indescribable anguish to babies and parents. Just one NEC-related surgery can cost $200,000, not including lifelong complications and treatment. The AAP recommends donor milk for fragile babies, yet it is not available in 60% of NICUs.

For more information about the Miracle Milk Stroll, check out Best for Babes' event website and Facebook page:

Best for Babes is not affiliated with any milk bank or milk banking organization. Proceeds from this year's MMS support Best for Babes and this year's partners: NEC Society and LLL USA.

Proceeds benefit Best for Babes and our Partners to fund education for parents, medical directors, hospital administrators, and health care providers about the existence, accessibility, safety and life-saving power of human milk and donor milk for our most fragile and compromised infants in the NICU. For more information about Stroll proceeds, click here. For more information about how BFB uses donations, see Where the Money Goes.

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